AMP development
The cost of conversion a single template to AMP format
You pick the templates for AMP conversion
A template is a unique file within your CMS that is used by multiple pages. For e-commerce sites we usually convert up to 3 templates, which get the most organic traffic from Google: homepage, catalogue and product page.
We develop the AMP version for each template
Since all websites are unique, our front-end developers convert each template to AMP format by hand, preserving the style of your existing website. Most templates are converted to AMP within a few working days.
You add the AMP tag to your website
You create a virtual subdomain to serve AMP pages from ( and add one line of code to CMS. That line of code will link your desktop website to AMP templates hosted on our platform.
We activate the AMP platform
Once the subdomain is created and linked to desktop website via amphtml tag, Googlebot will start to index your AMP website and a lightning badge will appear next to your search results.
AMP platform
All AMP pages are served from our unique platform, that powers the conversion to AMP format.
Realtime conversion
An AMP page is generated immediately after first request and served later even faster form cache for other users
Image optimisation
All images that exceed viewport size will be optimised on-the-fly resulting in blazing fast AMP load time
Instant scalability
Spikes in AMP traffic & template conversions will be easily served by our scalable platform
The cost is based on the amount of monthly AMP pageviews served by the platform. The actual amount of pageviews is calculated by the end of the monthly billing cycle and the plan for the next month is adjusted according to that value.
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